Ossett Town 1 Witton Albion 2

Three points away - hard work but overall deserved.<br><br>First half - well we kicked off at 3pm and they scored at 3.45pm. They are the highlights - oh, apart from their No.11 taking a right wing corner and kicked the corner flag instead. Summed the half up really.<br><br>The usual cup of tea tonic worked again - and good football on a crap pitch resulted in Jordan King scoring and good midfield work started by Mellon resulted in a volley by our new No. 9 - Moseley with goaty (I think). Good second half performances from Mellon, Baker and Evans particularly. <br>Can the same cups of tea be served before kick-off please.<br><br>GE<br>

Yes a deserved 4 points on the 2nd half showing.<br><br>1st half we’ll forget, 2nd half impressive as we know we can be. 2 well worked goals, an assist for Mellon, first goal for King, excellent finish from Moseley and I mean excellent - have you ever tried to volley a ball coming over your shoulder so cleanly? Evans was impressive at right back and Baker looked liveley when he came on.<br><br>Plenty of positives which at least us behind the goal saw. We are meant to be supporters folks so lets give the team a little of it, clapping them off wouldn’t have hurt would it? First away league win for 4-5 months by doing something we have all season failed to do - beat lower placed sides away from home, on poor pitches.<br><br>Now for a toughie against Leek, who knows…

What a good day it turned out to be in the end!!<br><br>Not a great first half by anyones standards, but then at least it was easy pickings for the moaners at half time. I’d hate for them to struggle to find something to moan about!!<br><br>Second half - can I have some of that tea? God knows what goes in it, but it works!!<br><br>Good goal by Jordan K and a pretty spectacular one by the one and only Moseley (although wasn’t sure it’d been allowed as the linesman didn’t run back to halfway to indicate it’d been given - very confusing!) Looked offside from where I was, but I wasn’t in a good position to judge; the linesman was!! ;D<br><br>Played much better in the second half; that attacking football we all called for when John D was here.<br><br>Top that off with a vodka slush(!) in the club afterwards, and under the influence of Mr P Riley, staying in Ossett until 6:45pm drinking cheap beer (3p less than in Blyth!!) and watching rugby on one telly to the left and the football on another to the right, not a bad day all round!!!<br><br> [smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif]<br><br>

Enjoyed my first away win of the season. Missed Matlock & Blyth due to work and they are the only away games I have missed too. Very good second half performance.<br><br> Had to say I loved their miss about 2mins before their goal though. That was just brilliant. ;D<br><br> Well Done lads

Enjoyed a visit to Ossett Town? Surely that’s a contradiction in terms…<br><br>Good to see a long overdue win. A result at Leek would be even better. Must apologise that I won’t be able to get there, but pleased with the new signings, just the midfield playmaker and target man to partner MM that have evidently been needed for so long.