Ossett Town v Witton Albion

Witton team:<br><br>Kennedy, Brownhill, Ness, Pritchard, Spearritt, McNutt, King, Hockenhull, Moseley, Butterworth, Peers.<br><br>Subs: Oates, Hughes, Bailey.


come on witton need a win today


Very disappointing day.<br>Lacked erm everything we’ve had in recent weeks.<br>Yeh the pitch was crap, they were a usual hoof team but we failed to offer much.<br><br>In all honestly when you loose the likes of Maynard, Lloyd, Mcguire, Connors and Jones in the space of a week its bound to have a slight impact atleast.<br><br>We must soldier on and hope Jim can pull a couple of jems out the bag to see us through, I’m sure he’ll be doing his best and will be disappointed with todays aswell.<br><br>Atleast we have a weeks break now to hopefully fix the problem a little.

How quiet with no comments posted in the past 20+ hours so thought I’d better come on myself.<br><br>First defeat in ELEVEN Matches folks - and a place in one of the country’s most prestigious County Cup Finals to boot - not bad for a virtually written off season when the previous management and a good few players jumped ship eh?<br><br>I spoke to Jim at length on Friday - following Griff Jones opting to join Lancaster City (another player moving up the current pyramid ladder). With the other FOUR enforced player changes from the previous Saturday then Jim was naturally concerned as to what reactions maybe should the team’s form dip.<br><br>I reassured him and I think I was speaking for the vast, vast majority of true Albion supporters that after the debacle a few months earlier that to be where we were placed now really was tremendous.<br><br>So we lost yesterday, several of our "established players" had probably their worst game for weeks. New players were introduced but we lost 0-1 against a team hell bent on getting away from the basement positions of the league. Thus not the best time to visit Ossett then. Not the end of the world is it though?<br><br>Another extremely difficult task ahead at Blyth coming up, keep your chins up though folks. Just think what position we may have slipped down to. If still not sure then another team in our league, quite close by, might give you the answer!!!<br>

Wityh such a small playing staff these results are bound to happen when you have a few injuries or suspensions, let’s not get too depressed just yet. Adam Foy for instance must be close to coming back.<br>WHS.

Adam Foy was still on crutches last time I saw him!<br><br>I’m sure Jim will have new signings in the pipeline though.