Our Beloved Neighbours

I believe their is an investigation surrounding Mr Conman.<br><br>There is a listen again feature on www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive<br><br>Shame!!!<br><br>‘With a bagful of cash he got his son in the side,<br>Now Connetts taking Northwich for a ride’<br><br>

There are a few on their site asking about Companies House penalties etc <br>Could get interesting!

Wow just heard it ! nothing like good publicity is there :o

Here it is on the Beeb Sport website:<br><br>[url]http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/northwich_victoria/6047302.stm[/url]

[quote]Late filing penalties only go up to ?1k for a private company though don’t they?
[/quote]<br> :o Yep. Or ?5k for a public limited company. The accounts do have to have been delivered to Companies House at some stage however, for the maximum level of late filing penalty to be imposed, they will have to have been more than twelve months late. <br> <br>Failure to file any accounts, however, is a criminal offence which can result in directors being fined personally in the criminal courts. In addition to the directors being fined, the Registrar of Companies may take steps to strike the company off the public record. <br> <br>Interesting! ::)<br>

You know there are actually supporters over there that are surprised by this news? … considering we’ve being talking about it for months, mind you we have had a regular at home games who’s kept us up to speed. thanks JW ;D

I just thought I wonder if this would be a good time for Peter Mellor to start posting again?

You can also face disqualification from being a director for failing to comply with the Companies act.<br><br>I was also told a while ago that he said they broke even in their first year at the ground - well erm, prove it!

Assuming all the rumours are correct, the penalties imposed by the conference could be worse than the penalties from Companies House. Haven’t a number of clubs been relegated for not following all the financial rules??<br><br>Looks like it could be an interesting few weeks across the water - and not for the football matters either.

Well if i can get my books in on time anyone can ;D Mind you i don`t have anything to hide ;D

FRIDAY 13th ;D

Update on the Northwich Vics / Mike Connett allegations.<br><br>Senior Conference Officials were at the Vics / Rushden game today.<br><br>NO FURTHER ACTION to be taken by either the Conference or the FA against Northwich Vics / Mike Connett. :D<br><br>Login into the Conference Website for further info.<br><br>Barney / Peter Mellor

Big headline on front of non league paper <br>‘VICS FACING AXE THREAT’<br>We can always hope [smiley=banane.gif]

There is little doubt in my mind that Vics will fold within the next 12 months and reform in a much lower league.<br>WHS.

Although i’d love that to be the case, i can see them sneaking their way out of this one. At least it gives us something to laugh about in the meantime though.

Sorry Barney can’t believe that, its not the usual way these things are done.<br><br>According to the paper there is a conference board meeting on Thursday - that’s when you may here more.<br><br>That said are they likely to do anything until the end of the season? They might get deducted points but they are highly unlikely to announce anything more because of the effect that it wiould have on the competition.<br><br>