Our Mate Redfearn

Didnt take long for Albion fanatic Neil Redfearn to find a new club, Neil has just signed forms with Frickley Athletic…but just as a player.
Would be nice to take a good following up there next month and give the bloke a rousing reception, top man.

A standing ovation for an opposing player. Brilliant!

Redfearn didnt make the best of debuts for Frickley.
He gave away a penalty and got sent off in their 7-2 defeat at Ashton!!

Agent Redfearn is doing the job we asked of him at another one of the clubs we don’t get on too well with…!!!

I think some t-shirts might be in order for the Frickley game!!!

I’ll start designing now!

It is fair to say if Redfearn got all six numbers up on the lottery he would lose his ticket on the journey down to camelot!!!

I think the T-Shirts could be a very good idea Greg!!!