Past player

Hello all<br><br>Does any die hard fans remember my dad Mickey Brennan playing for Witton Albion in the late 70’s early 80’s? If so i would like your thoughts, memories and photos if any.<br>He is now residing in Australia where he continued a strong playing and coaching career.<br><br>Regards<br>Lee Brennan<br><br>P.S - Are the pies still as good now at Witton, i only remember them from when i was 8 yrs old, but they were so good!!!

Lee<br><br>Below is your dad’s entry that I have in my Witton Who’s Who. As you can see he was only with Albion for six months and the only photograph I have was one from the team line-up when he was with Macc.<br><br>Your quite right to remember the Witton pies - Birtwisles I believe they would have been when we were at the Central Ground and you are not the first to comment on their quality. Today’s ones at Wincham Park you’ll be pleased to know are still up to standard.<br><br>Best wishes and if you’ve anything further to add to your dad’s career record then I’d only be too pleased to include it. <br>MIKE BRENNAN<br>INSIDE FORWARD<br>BORN _ Salford 17/5/52<br>DEBUT _ 16/8/80 v Oswestry(h) FINALE _ 24/2/81 v Runcorn(h)<br>APPEARANCES - League 17+3 Cup 7+1 TOTAL = 28<br>GOALS _ League 3 Cup 0 TOTAL = 3<br>FORMER CLUBS _ Manchester C.(6), Stockport(loan18-3), Rochdale(?5k 43-4), Mossley(23-5), Macclesfield, Northwich V., Oswestry T.(?800 Club Record Fee in 1980)<br>LATER CLUBS _ Macclesfield T., Stalybridge Celt., West Adelaide(Australia)<br><br>