Pick a tune...

I am looking for supporters to give their (sensible) suggestions for a quick burst of a tune to celebrate a Witton goal (as in ice hockey).<br><br>Please put your suggestions here.<br><br>GE<br>

NONE!!! Have never been a fan of it. A regular tune for the team to run out to may be a better idea.

Old but likesof " Flight of Valkyrie","Eye of the tiger" or "we will rock you" are still very punchy.

didnt we used to come out to simply the best by tina turner under stan allen. it didnt have the same ring to it though when obrien and mckenzie were in charge.<br>PLEASE NO MUSIC WHEN WE SCORE ITS A NAFF IDEA THAT SHOULD STAY USA WERE IT STARTED.

Cheers for agreeing with me on the naffness!!!<br>We came out to simply the best during Peter O’Brien’s management during the long unbeaten run we had at the back end of the first conference season, culminating in the visit to the Twin Towers in 92.

We also used to have ‘You win again’ By the Bee Gees at the end of games under the Stan Allan era. It always made you smile going out at the end of the game listening to it.<br>

If the players had to choose their own song what about the following:<br>John Worsnop ( You need hands by Max Bygraves) or even Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar. Blobby Blobby by Mr Blobby for Pritch( only joking Briain), Steve Connors any song by David Hasslehoff( look alike), Mike Mossley Shooting Star by Elton John, Alex Brown simply the best by Tina Turner and what about JV, play to win by Heaven 17, any others???

What about the music to which we sing "Who Need’s Moriniho?"

why dont us fans just make more noise for the players who are doing what we all dream about and play for witton. More noise more reaction, more reaction more goals, more goals more trophies and that is what it is all about at the end of the day.

Lutkie, you have hit the nail on the head!

Okay Lutkie 92, Will we see you behind the goals leading the support tonight?<br><br>Lets make it like Windsor Park, where the supporters are the twelfth man!!!<br><br>And at least we can help neutralise some of the moaning, ignoranuses who allegedly support our club.<br><br>P.S. Any donations towards the Playing Budget will be more than welcome, via Len Holman, Jim Powell or myself.<br><br>You can see already how competitive this league is this season, and to be competitive we need every available penny to go towards Jims playing budget.

andy unfortunitly i cant make it 2nite. as iam 2 important to tesco to let me have a nite off, needs of the business apparently. With you all in spirit watching the internet for the updates.