Play offs

No don’t worry its not me getting ahead of myself again!<br>this has been taken from the Unibond site regarding the format of the play offs. The way I read it should we be fortunate enough to make it through we will be away in both games. Workington and Whitby anyone?<br><br>The play-offs this season take on a slightly different outlook with the highest placed Play Off Semi-Final winners at home in the Final. In the Premier Division semi-finals the 2nd placed club will be at home to the 5th placed team whilst the 3rd placed club will host the 4th placed. The highest placed winner from these games will then be at home in the Final. <br><br>In the First Division, the 3rd place club will be at home to the 6th placed team whilst 4th will be at home to 5th. Again the highest placed winner will be at home in the Final. <br><br>The semi-finals are scheduled for Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May 2005 with a 3.00pm kick off and the two Finals for Saturday, 7th May 2005 also with 3.00pm kick offs. <br>

So no reward for going away & beating the best team in the playoffs.