Player of the Season so far...

So, with over half of the season gone, and things going pretty well, who has been the player of the season so far?? <br><br>For me it is between 3 players, Kennedy, Pritch, and Mcguire.<br><br>what does everyone else reckon?

I think it would be hard to seperate anyone Pritch has done one thing I didn’t think he could and that is improve on last season, Spearit next to him has been a great partner for him, connors and mcguire have been solid in midfield, JK in goal has been a fantastic signing MM up front has not been at his best yet this season I don’t think but has still managed about 15 goals and the lads on loan has been tremendous, what I’d give to turn their loans into long term ones until the end of the season.

Its the whole team but if I had to pick a player of the season so far. It Connors, best young player at the club by a country mile in the past 5 years!<br><br>Pritch apparently has won some motm awards this year that he actually deserves :wink:

Hughessi<br>Player of the season so far Connors ?, Findlay didn`t play Connors so he missed three months. I agree he is a very good player with potential. The most consistent player is JK, when needed never lets us down, hang on its the same with Mike Mosely, same with Liam Mcguire, what about Tom, hang on there Jordan to consider, Peers etc . To contemplate so many players must mean were going in the right direction. Difficult to actually identify one outstanding player so far…

Kennedy,Pritch and mike as1,2,3 get my vote.

V<br>Your right, I did forget to give our very own " PC Buddha" a mention. <br>Sorry Pritch, You are my HERO…<br>

Cheers oracle! Just like to point out that our previous manager never played myself at the start of the season, so much so i asked for the first time ever to go out on loan! My player of the season so far…take your pick but the number 5 ain’t bad

as i have said before spearitt and pritch are the best since edey and mcneilis but my player of the year so far has to be spearitt. solid all season.

Keeper is MAGIC!!<br>WHS