Player of the year voting

I’ve had a lot of forms in so far but I’m sure a lot of you want to make your voice heard!
A good spread of votes at present however.

Please ensure you get your completed form to me by the Grantham game at the latest - if you don’t have a form your top 1-2-3 on a piece of paper will do!

How about having some additional categories to vote in this year? Top 5 away days for example?

Is there an echo in here … don’t know, who said that?


there will be no awards as such for the "best away day etc" I’ve ordered the trophies - however if someone wants to set up a members online voting only poll we could certainly announce a couple on the night - mite add bit of entertainment.

Just incase anyone didn’t know - we have our guest award presenter lined up as well!

Neil, what award categories are currently being given is it Player of the Year and two runner-ups?

I agree with Robbo that it may be nice to throw a few ‘Fans Awards’ as a reflection of the season. As we have all said before whatever the outcome this has been a tremendous season for the club and therefore it would be good to recognise this. Clearly it should not be to the detriment to the main award however I think it might be worth considering a few others. Rather than trophies I for one would not mind contributing to getting a few bottles of champagne for these ‘Fans Awards’. My personal thoughts are that Top Goal Scorer (if not already an award being given) should be considered, plus the likes of a ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award. Maybe limit this say three of four awards (meaning say £100 worth of champagne). We could also vote on things like ‘Best Away Day’ however their would be no individual award for this?

What does everyone think and are there any suggestions for ‘Awards’?



At present awards which have been organised are:

Reserves - all picked by the reserve management)
Managers player of the year
Players Player of the year
Goal of the season

1st team
Goal of the season (picked by the dubious goals committee)
Ethel Stelfox award (picked by the board) effectivley outstanding contribution award to the club
Supporters player of the year 1st, 2nd, 3rd (picked by the fans)
Players Player (picked by players)
Most improved player (managers choice - was going to be his assistant choice!)
Managers player of the season (by guess who)

These have already been ordered trophy wise and budgeted as such with regards paying for them etc

A few to go through there although I agree that maybe a mention for best song/away day etc would be good although personally I’d just use it as a talking point when Chad (MC on the night) does his piece on all the award winners?

I take it from the interest we are all coming on the night?

I think your absolutely right Neil, with all the awards already planned there is no need to add any further ones - there are enough already from those you have listed. It may be nice to add a few internet polls on as you say ‘Best Away Day’, ‘Best Moment of the Season’, ‘Best New Chant’, etc, Chad can throw these in during any breaks in the evening.

Surely there should be one for the supporter of the year, some lads have seen EVERY game!!!