Player released

Kyle Wilson.


Although he didn’t play many games, the couple of league goals he scored could be crucial come the end of the season. Cheers Kyle

I think we should keep the other WILSON though :wink: :wink:

Rumour only but he could become a Cod player shortly.


I take it all back then!

Kyle or Neil?! ::slight_smile:

You can’t leave the Albs and join the Cods…thats like Gary Neville joining Liverpool!!! :o

It’s a shame as i thought Craven could of done a job for us when he was match-fit. We don’t have alot of naturally left-footed wide players in the squad.

Craven was in my opinion the best of those released but that said he was not around very often!!! Did not see enough to make a true judgement.

Not in a Witton shirt no, but saw enough of him when he was playing for Telford to know he was a good player.

We can go back to not liking him again now for getting Moseley sent off! :o

He had never been truly forgiven!


Just to put my official bit on here - Craven & Wood have NOT been released by Witton to play elsewhere in the UniBond. They can, of course, play in other leagues whilst registered with us.