Been down several times to watch training, and i must say very impressed with the effort being put in, fitness should not be an issue, notice that a couple of regular players from last season are missing so far - adam farley and gary furnival, also gibbo must have gone ? anyone know whats happened to them, also think yates has moved on but not heard where to, it qwould be nice to be updated on player movement ?

I read in the papers that Evans, Farley, and Yates had been released but have not heard anything official to put on the site.<br>Also heard Gibbo’s injury was more serious than first thought.<br>there is news of another new signing on the home page now.<br>

Just a quick note to wish the lads all the very best for the season ahead. I have decided to take a year out from playing football due to having our first child, a little girl and further coaching commitments.<br><br>Once again I would like to thank the fans for their support and all connected to Witton Albion Football Club.<br><br>Best Wishes<br><br> Yatesy

Would just like to say congratulations Yatesy to both you and your wife on the birth of your daughter.<br><br>Thanks for giving us so much enjoyment whenever you had the opportunity. It was a pleasure watching you and I hope we will get the chance to see you back at Wincham Park one day even if it’s just as a visitor.

Hi there you may not know it but you put a medal round the neck of one of your fans last week my lad matthew played at the LFC academy tournement last week and I must admit that he saw the smile when you announced the witton team so did we !<br><br>Cheers Si and Matthew and good luck with the nipper

congradulations yatesy. good to her things are all good an well.<br>hope to see ya soon.

Yatesy, well done with the nipper mate. <br><br>Dont be spendin too long on the sidelines though, cant have players who can ping a ball like yourself out the game.<br><br>Keep yourself fit, and get back playing after christmas mate. <br><br>Take it easy digger, <br>Stanno<br> :wink:

Just to say hello to everyone,ive just got back from holland after a spot of coaching and im signing for marine on tuesday,hope you are all ok (especially pritch) and good luck for the season ahead.Im sorry to leave because its a great club with good supporters.See you all soon.

Well, good luck at Marine Farls.<br><br>'Cept when you play us obviously.<br><br> :wink:

Hello everyone, Gibbo here. Just a note to say thanks to the players and fans for all you?re support over the last 3 years. I decided at the end of last year while struggling with injury to take some time off from football and my studies to travel around the world, (collecting the balls from my goal kicks). I will be leaving at the end off this month to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia then Mexico and USA. It should take me around 10 months to do. I start my post grad course at Liverpool Uni` September 2006 so I may see some of the lads around town when I get back. Good luck to the lads this season wherever you are playing, and congratulations to Yatesy and wife. Cheers Gibbo.