Prediction results from saturday

Evening all, results from saturday as follows,
2. Bryan huxted,
3. Alan spruce, Pauline spruce,
4. Bec, Ian Dobson, dale bland, Deano Taylor, d’emma, Richard Sykes, Dave conneely, je, John spruce, bradz, Paul Scott, terry Holland, reg hardingham,
5. Mike Collins, Judith Kelly, mark Holland, Alex Howard, Pete wilding, John Wilson, Len Holman, Eric, Matt cat superstar dj and the main attraction at our xmas party on Saturday 17 th december, tickets available!, Philip Carter, me!, Andrea h, Neil Wilson,
6. Mark brooker, Brian aylwin, Jeffers, wiffy, Ray, Trevor’e, Daz, Dave Nield, Fred spruce, Chris sage, set pat, Chris Evans, yox, Denis conneely, Andy conneely, Bob nancollis,
7. Crouchy, bulmer, Shaun Carter, ant g, Peter, Bill Wright,
And the winner with nine correct is Neil picko, well done yet again Neil, £52 towards your Christmas shopping! See you Tuesday, hopefully!