Prediction Results - Saturday, 12th October.

Predictions for Saturday, 12th october.
3 Dave Neild, Bulmer, Crouchy, Mike Harper, Bryan Huxted, Peter McKenna, Gazza, Daz,
4 Neil Picko, Alan Spruce, Matt Poole, John Salmon, Bob Nancollis, Verity Nancollis, Mark Holland, Graham Edgerton
5 Nigel Nutt, Ando,Me, Mike Collins, G Steventon, Bradz, Andy Conneely, Denis Conneely, Pete Wilding, Shaun Carter, Tracey Collins, Baggie, Ben & Tyler
6 Rosie Westland,Terry Holland, P A Spruce, John Spruce
and the winner with 7 is FRED SPRUCE. Well done Fred.

Thank you all for your continued support