Prediction Results - Saturday, 25th September.

Prediction Results for Saturday 25th September - Possible 5 Homes - 3 Draws - 3 Aways with 37 goals scored

3 - Tilly Lighfoot, Sam Nancollis, Paul Davies,
4 - Pete Wilding, G Knop, Natalie Cole, Julia Nancollis, Mark Holland, Alan Spruce, Liam Hodson.
5 - Flip Flop, Lottie Lightfoot, Adam Lightfoot, Andrew Seabright, Tracey Collins, Ste Paterson, Dave Neild, Jeff Metcalf, Jim Powell,
6 - Julian Jackson, Chris Evans, John Powell, Pat Barber, Fred Collins,
7 - Gazza, Kelly Lightfoot, Baggie, Terry Holland, Jeff Powell, Crouchy.

The Winner on Goals scored is Gazza predicting 34 - Well done £30.00 won - Thanks to you all for your support.