Prediction Results Saturday 26th December vs Warrington

Prediction results as follows - 10 games - possible 2 Home Wins + 2 Draws and 6 Away Wins with 37 goals scored

1 correct - R.Hankey
2 correct - Eric Finnigan, Jim Powell, Chad, A.Spruce, Crouchy, Neil Picko
3 correct - Paul Horan HCC, Vinnie HCC, Matt Cat, Gazza, G.Knopp, A.Jackson, P.A.Spruce, Snedders, Edgy, Paul Davis, Shaun Carter, Fred Spruce
4 correct - Shaun HCC, D.Groarne HCC, Adam Peacey HCC, Hannah Hughes HCC, Matt Jeziorsic HCC, Ben Hughes HCC, Bulmer, P.Carter, Bill Wright, Ann Marie Powell, Tracey Collins, Jeff Metcalf, Bradz, J.Bratherton, Pete Wilding, John Salmon, Tim Burke, Bob Nancollis,
5 correct - Jeff Powell, Baggie, Daz, Terry Holland, Noel HCC, Jennifer Rowlands HCC, Derick Peacey HCC,
6 correct - Tony Fogg HCC, Andy Tilling HCC, Mark Holland,
And the winner today with 7 correct is Martin from HCC - Well done £48.00 coming your way

Thanks again for your continued support, with a special thanks today to all from HCC for their sponsorship.