Prediction Results Saturday 27th April vs Hednesford

Prediction Results as follows - Possible 6 Homes - 2 Draws - 2 Aways with 37 goals scored
2 correct - Jennifer McKenna, Bradz, Archie Allen
3 correct - VJM McKenna, Graeme McKenna, Peter McKenna, J Evans, Caz Sneddon, A,Spruce, I.Stanley, Daz, Chad
4 correct - P.A.Spruce, Callum Bradke, Kyle Coyle, Jim Powell, Paul Davies, Jo Heffey, Tony Walton, Dave Nield, Bulmer, Bryan Huxted, Pat Barber, Pete Wilding
5 correct - John Spruce, Gavin Coyle, Crouchy, James Kennedy, Phil Carter, Alan Sneddon, Mike Collins, Nwil Picko, Bob Nancollis, Eric Finnigan, Shaun Carter, Fred Spruce
6 correct - Ivan Zhekov, Jeff Powell, Si Rabbit, Tracey Collins, Edge
7 correct - G.Knop and Baggie - The winner on goal difference is Baggie who predicted 33 goals
Well done mate £43.00 coming to you
Once again thanks to you all for your continued support throughout the season, have a good break and will see you when the season starts again in August