Prediction Results - Saturday, 4th January.

Prediction Results for Saturday, 4th January vs Buxton.

1 Andy Chad,

2 Me, John Evans, Eric Finnigan, Alan Spruce,

3 Gaz, Phil Carter, Paul Davies, P A Spruce, John Spruce, Bill Wright, Daz, Mike Harper, Liam Hodson, Pete Wilding, Ian & Pat, Judith & Reg

4 John Salmon, Gordon Knop, Jeff Powell, Jo Heffey, Brads, Chad, Ian Dobson, Pooley,Tracey Collins, Pat Barber,

5 Baggie, David Neild, Ben, Terry Holland, Mark Holland, Darryl H , Mike Collins

6 Ando, Fred Spruce, Bert W, Deano, Tony Walton

And the winner with 6 is Ray Hodkinson on goal difference predicted 32 goals out of 33

Thank you for your continued support.