Prediction Results - Saturday, 7th December.

Witton Albion – Prediction Results
Date – Saturday 7th December 2019 vs Grantham Town.

1 Daz
2 Ronnie B, Liam Hodson.
3 Terry Holland, Bill Wright, Crouchy, Paul Davies.
4 Pat Barber, Bryan S, Eric Finnigan, John Evans, Phil Carter, Roger Hankey.
5 Mike Blundell, Mark Holland, Jeff Metcalf, Baggie, Pete Wilding, Jo Heffey, Denis Conneely, Alan Spruce, Jeff Powell.
6 Rebecca Collins, Ian Watson, Shaun Carter, Neil Picko, Bryan Huxted, Gazza.
7 Darryl Holman, Mike Collins, Fred Spruce, Bob Nancollis, Dave Neild
8 Tracey Collins, Alan Jackson

The Winner on goals scored is Tracey Collins – who predicted 8 correct results with 34 goals – Winnings £36.00

Void paper Jim Powell – didn’t fill in all predictions – Enough said.

11 games played – 8 home wins – 2 draws – 1 away win with 39 goals scored.