Prediction Results Saturday 9th March vs Grantham

Results as follows - 10 games - 5 away wins - 2 Home wins - 1 Draw - 2 postponed games with 28 goals scored

2 correct - A.Spruce, Rosie Westland, Deano, Bob Nancollis,
3 correct - Baggie, Angie, Gazza, Terry Holland, Paul Davies, Neil Picko, John Spruce, Mike Collins, Bryan Huxted,
4 correct - Shaun Carter, Jim Powell, Ray Hod, Mark Holland, Pat Barber, P.A.Spruce, Pete Wilding, Fred Spruce,
5 correct - Bulmer, Roger Hankey, Dobbo, Tracey Collins, Phil Carter, Ando, Jimmy Hellens, Dave Neild, Daz, Crouchy, Chris Evans, Snedders, Jo Heffey.
6 correct - There were 2 with 6 correct - Jeff Metcalf and Jeff Powell - but the winner on goals scored was Jeff Powell with 28 goals predicted, Jeff Metcalf predicting 31 -
Once again thanks to all of you for your continued support

The Winners of the football cards on Saturday were John Mac and Lee Brook,
The Easter Egg Draw has been won by Tash Bryning c/o Rosie Westland