Prediction Results - Saturday, 9th October.

Prediction Results for Sat 9th Oct Away to Whitby

Possible - 8 Aways, 1 Draw, 2 Homes with 26 goals scored

1 - Alan Spruce, Hurgie
2 - Si Westland, Jim Powell, Simon Mcfarland, NJ Ditchfield
3 - Neil, Matt Fallows, Paul Davies, Stuart Newman, Joanne Powell, Sarah, Vic,
4 - Rosie Westland, Lauren, Jess Horton, Karen Wilson, P Russell, Dan Horton, Tracey (Birthday Girl) Collins, Matt Cat,
5 - Gazza, Helen Carter, Jeff Powell,
6 - Phil Carter, Leigh Garnett, Crouchy, Chris John Evans.
8 - and the outright winner today is Barry Linley, well done £29.00 coming to you.

Thanks to you all for your support, we had a good weekend away at Whitby and 3 points in the bag. Happy days