Predictions 27th Feb Stamford

Another close finish in the JP CERAMICS Predictions today…

1 M Blake,Clodagh Buckley.

2 Scott Powell.

3 Stuart Newman,Dave Nield,Len Holman,Ernie Fryer,Terry Holland,Tim Atherton.

4 Charlie Lynes,Mark Lyon,Rie,Shaun Carter,Chairman,Mrs P A Spruce,Chris Walton,
Mr John Spruce,Ian Stanley,Rosie Westland,Rabbit!,Tony Waterman,Phil Guy,

5 Nigel Nutt,Pete Riley,Roy Sheen,JE,P Carter,CHAD,N Ditchfield,Jimmy Kilburn,
Dodger,Thomas Amies-King,Andy Lomas,Gordon Maloney,Jeff Metcalf,Bulmer,
Mark Holland,
Fred Spruce,Bob Booth,Graham S,Jeff Powell,Nigel Riding.

6 Jim Powell 39 goals Butler Court 37 goals G Pick 37 goals Eli Gorton 36 goals

but the joint winners are ALAN POTTS 30 goals and ANDY CHAD 32 goals ( Act 31 )

Well done ALAN and ANDY £25.00 each.

Thanks to all who took part today - 50 out of a crowd of 189 is FANtastic.

Thanks again to Jim & Rie for collecting.

Well that shows there is no skill at all in the predictions!!!

I threw Jim me money, and said all home wins and 32 goals please!

Stick my £25 back in the pot please Eli!

Do you still use the ‘circle the away results’ method?

Nice one Andy ! That should make up for the games u have missed this season ! :laugh: