Predictions Cammell Laird v Witton Albion 12/12/08

On Thursday night, Neil passed me the predictions sheets to pass on to Eli. I put them in my brief case, so that I wouldn’t forget them.

On Friday, I had a severe ghout attack in my left elbow, which put in doubt my ability to drive to the match. However, as I was picking up Des and most of the kit, with the help os some pain killers, I made it.

Unfortunately, with the use of only one arm to carry the kit, and the thought of travelling a bit lighter, I decided to leave my briefcase at home, forgetting they had the prediction sheets in it.


what a poor excuse t/t.:stuck_out_tongue:

ghout only attacks the very rich, so come on where have you got it stashed.:stuck_out_tongue:

No Toneee thats gout not ghout,(Gout a disease with inflammation of the smaller joints especially the toe, as a result of excess uric acid salts in the blood). I don’t know what ghout is, any thoughts on this rare condition that TT has picked up?.

ghout, so i have been lead to beleive affects your memory witch then leeds to bad spelin misteaks.:ohmy:

Here we go then

Whoops sorry someone forgot to bring the forms:(