Predictions from Saturday 7th December

Evening all, Better late and all that “Christmas Pudding” first,

  1. Granny Tucker :woohoo:
  2. Wiffy :kiss: GE,DJG,Pete Wilding,Nigel,Neil Wilson,P Chester,Tim Atherton,Tony Dean,G Knop.No Name,Jeff P,Chris Sage,No Name,Ste &Ethan,No Name,
    3, Me! Kirky!, Matt Cat,John Hancock,Wheels,Ali Atkins,Andy Lomas,Mick Duckett,George Fogg,Colin Pickering,Dave Coulbeck,Ray Hodkinson,Reece Bland,Deano,Picko&Bondi,Pauline Spruce,Terry Holland,Geoff Palin,Len Holman,
  3. Amy Powellxx,Judda,Norm,No Name,Barb Harrison,No Name,Trevore,Fred Spruce,Gazza,Darlo Jamie,Adam Harris,Alan Potts,No Name,Paul Scott,Mike Collins,Big Growler,Bill Wright,Eric,Dave Spruce,
  4. Fatty Poole,Pete Riley,Rog Hankey,Ian Rochester,Bulmer,Flip Flop Carter,Thommo,No Name,No Name,Benny Boy Coulbeck,Ian Dobson,Dale Bland,Mark Holland;utRobbo Not Paid!,Bazza D,Judith K,Reggie,No Name,
  5. Paul Broadhurst,No Name,Peter Williamson,Sylvia Buxton FC,
    And the winner with 8 out of 12 correct is Dave"Golden Goals"Nield, well done David £78 all yours,sorry about the handwritten forms last week which no doubt accounted for the larger than normal amount of forms having no name on, hopefully back to normal soon? SEE YOU ALL AT THE XMAS BASH THIS SATURDAY B)