Predictions from saturday

Evening all, results from last Saturday as follows,
2. Tony dean, Dave Nield, jo heffey, Bill Wright, John"morsey"millions, Deano Taylor, and me!
3. Kiara Bateman, Judith k, Paul Russell, verity nancollis, Mike Harper, no name, Steve walker, Alan Jackson, al sneddon, Chris Evans, nice nutt, Andrea Harris, Eric, Kevin Goulding, Elisha Taylor, ste pat,
4. Chad snr, Peter, g pick, Jason, Chris sage, Ray and Geoff, Peter wilding, Brad, Pauline spruce, Liam h, Ray Hodkinson, Helen Carter, wiffy,
5. Fred spruce, reg h, Bob nancollis, rabbit!, Neil picko, chairman, je, Callum and Lewis, graham crouch, Matt cat, John spruce, dobo,
6. Mark Holland, terry Holland, John brig house, John salmon, Daz, Alan spruce, Philip Carter, gazza,
7. Mike Collins, bulmer,
And this weeks winner with eight out of ten correct is Bryan huxted, nice one Bryan £60, thanks to all for taking part, another £60 donated to the witton Albion dev fund,