Predictions League Table

Loads of requests for this so I’ve just done the top twenty ( Goes from 1-160!), this is a table based on points gathered from the weekly Predictions, each correct prediction is one point etc, the league doesn’t lie, it is based on skill and judgement and is no way a reflection of who does the marking! B)

Worthy of the number 1. spot is Me! 124 Points
2. Neil Wilson, a calculated 120
3. Gaylord Carter, limp wristed 117
4. Fatty Poole, enough said! 111
5. Ste Yox, a gingerly amount 99
6. Matt the Cat, more luck than judgement 99
7. Mick Duckett, stick to baby sitting, 98
8.Len Holman, never in the country? 95
9. Chris Sage,Better than Geoffs 93
10. Fred Spruce, could do better 93
11. Ted 18-89? :sick:
12. Judith & Reg well that’s a shocker! 83
13. Dave & Josh two heads are no better 83
14. Ian Dobson must be Raymonds? 80
15. Trevore, an entertaining 79
16. Wiffy, :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: 77
17. Kirky, technically its a 74
18. Geoff Palin. an unlucky 74
19. Pauline Spruce, age or score its 74 B) :kiss:
20. Peter Riley, a low flying 73

Don’t forget its a marathon not a sprint, and theres loads more games left to have a go, see you all at the Xmas Bash this Saturday B)