Predictions Saturday 27th August

Afternoon All, Good start to the new season,great response, and I hardly had to chase anyone around the Ground!First “Wooden Spooner"of the season goes to,
2.Vic Cadman :laugh::laugh:
3.Isabels Grandad,Neil P,Tom Buchan,Wiffy :kiss::kiss: Pauline Spruce,
4.Nigel,Ernie Fryer,Dave Nield,Little Jeffers Powell,JE,Trev Senior,Jeff Metcalf,Wheels,Me,Phil Birchall,
5.Eric"Have I paid"Finnigan,John Hancock :stuck_out_tongue: :P,Stu Newman,Chad,Den Conneely,Graham S,GE,Grant David,Judith&Reg,Chairman,Neil Wilson,Pete Riley,Lee(Sheffield),Amy"Bubbles”,Martin Blake,Terry Holland,Bondy,Baggie,John Spruce,Drew Haspell,Chris Sage,Bob Booth,Jim Rushe,
6.G Pick,Andy Lomas,Len Holman,Bob Nancollis,Tim Atherton,Si Gregory,Big Stu,Chad Elder,Nick Ditchfield,Juicy Lucy,S Lightfoot,Charlie Lynes,
7.Mike Collins,Mark Holland,Pete Wilding,Roger Hankey,T Collins,Aidan Reid,Geoff Wright,Matt Poole,“Gazza”,Greg,Peter,
8.Big Ted :wink: ;),Unlucky Alan Potts,
And with 9 out of 11 correct the outright winner is Butler Court, £60 coming your way , I’m sure you’ll get a drink out of it Graham!Thanks again for taking part, See you at Trafford