Predictions Tues 21st July Fleetwwod

Good to be back - so here we go !

3 Ched&Cara,Rosie Westland.

4 Peter,John Spruce,Mark Lyon,Mike Carlon,EliGorton.

5 Tony Waterman,Dave Nield,Shaun&Phil Carter,Neil Wilson,Bulmer,
Chris Sage

6 Alan Potts,Len Holman,Witton Robbo,Pete Riley,Jim Powell,
Rie Powell,Tim Atherton,Amy Powell.

7 GREG ( 33 goals ) JEFF ( 38 goals ) but the WINNER with 40 goals

Actual 49 is :-  BAGGIE

Well done BAGGIE £24 is yours. Thanks to all who took part.

To the players fund please

The act of a true Wittoner, nice work Baggie.

Cheers Baggie. That will make Neil happy !

Cheers baggie!