Pres Cup - Witton 1-0 WEmley

WITTON ALBION 1-0 WEmley<br>Moseley 71 pen<br><br> Emley down to 10 men after about 65mins for foul & abusive language I think! Albion deserved victory but still room for improvement. Had quite a few chances espicially second half. Next round on saturday 22nd January.<br><br>CANT WAIT!!!

…but so nearly went to extra-time after Emley hit the crossbar deep into stoppage time…<br><br>OK performance against decent opposition who probably created the better chances.<br><br> :slight_smile: I was just pleased I could still remember my way to WP after all this time!

Not the best but by no means the worst I’ve seen in recent weeks.<br><br>Emley seem to be improving (when did that run start…?) but we stuck at it and got the victory.<br><br>The new players seem to have settled in well and hopefully we’ll keep this run of sorts going.<br> <br>Not a lot more to add just how can you be offside when you were the last players from your side to touch it, the ball is played backwards or seemingly sideways or more crucially it came off a defender??? And people joke when they say the officals don’t know the rules! Made me laugh anyway.

That stand side linesman in the first half seemed really confused by the offside rule but I have actually seen worse recently-a Southern League official who repeatedly couldn’t work out which way to give throw-ins, so much so that I think the ref started ignoring him after a while.<br><br>So much for the officials, I thought Albion did well to get through yesterday. Emley were better than I’d expected and it took two excellent clearances to keep them out, one from Pritch and one from Si Burton (!). In fact the defence looked pretty solid and I could understand that there was less going on up front with "experimental" changes having been made to the team.<br><br>I’m encouraged enough to be looking forward to the Hyde game :slight_smile: and to come along a bit more often in 2005, in fact the lad doesn’t know it yet but junior membership is on the cards as a belated xmas pressie.

Not impressed by either side but for Pritch they would have lead at half time.<br><br>Midfield were non existent and MM looked totally peed off on more than one occasion at the lack of awareness/ability/pace (choose your own word) of his team mates.<br><br>Two average sides in an average game. Three weeks ago it was the end of the world when they beat us! Now there an improving side - Thats Football for you!<br>

Dreadful game played infront of shocking gate of 188.The board ought to be concerned, we cannot continue with such poor gates!!

Amazing how ‘’‘wittoners’‘’ posts seem to follow hot on the heels of posts by JGG

Absolutely Jac. <br><br>Funny how they share the same computer too!!!<br><br> :wink: :wink:

Funny they also only share one brain cell.