Prescot 1 WAFC 1

Those of you lucky enough to miss this one, Albion scored right at the death to gain a point. Byrne scoring.<br>Poor game best summing up I can give it.<br><br>My MOM LALLY looked the only creative player on the pitch.<br>Second PRITCHARD.

[quote]Those of you lucky enough to miss this one, Albion scored right at the death to gain a point. Byrne scoring.
Poor game best summing up ?I can give it.

My MOM ?LALLY looked the only creative player on the pitch.
Second PRITCHARD.[/quote]<br><br>What game were you watching Andy? It was KING that scored!<br><br>Fab goal too.<br><br>Not great game but it takes allsorts I guess.

Poor game on a poor pitch at a poor ground on a night that got worse as the game went on.<br>9.30 came, and went, then Kinging hit a belter and we all go home!<br><br>Its about results, would we have scraped a point last season? I doubt it? Do good teams get results when they have an off day (Leek, Prescot) Yes.<br>Lally my MOM too.<br>

i did say that prescot would make it hard for us and they did. however i do think that we have to look at the positives from the game. its a point away from home,it keeps the unbeaten run going, and it was well worth going just to see jordan kings goal.

Sorry Jordan, think I must have had my head in my hands, just prior to the goal, I witnessed one of the worst free kicks Ive seen for a long time.<br><br>Getting the goal scorer wrong would put me in with every chance of getting a job on the Grudian

your not that bad! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Doesn’t sound like I missed very much in not going to Prescot but still a useful point keeping the unbeaten away run going.<br><br>I took in the game at Gresty Road instead, bad choice that turned out to be as well.<br>Incidentally the 4th official at Gresty Road was non other than W.D. Smallwood.

Great Goal…Great Point…WRONG MOM…PICK any of the back 4 last nite, its just kept coming Back 2 them…they all were the only one,s playing last nite… 8)

Really poor game, prescot were very poor, and we lowered oureselves to there level, thought lally was MOM pritch and spearrit next best and all the rest 5 /10 why did we play long ball hoofs ? no width both wide men were cutting in and never went past the fullback, mike and ben up front were to far apart, maybe trying to give us width? maybe another one of those bad days at the office ? we wont win the league or promotion with many more off days like that, anyone understand why kingy has been dropped from right full back ? i dont, he might not be the best at defending but he is better all round than pinches imo. once again no run out for connors ? cannot understand that one either, last night was crying out for a change on the wing and he is direct and aggressive?

We were told on Saturday that Kingy wasn’t playing because he wasn’t available (working). So maybe Gary didn’t want to change a winning team?