Prescot Cables/ AFC Liverpool

AFC Liverpool are on the verge of sealing a deal to share a home ground in time for the start of their inaugural season.
The newly created club is expected to be accepted into Vodkat League Two for the new campaign and are hoping to play their games at Prescot Cables’ Valerie Park.

AFC Liverpool club spokesman Alun Parry said: "We decided upon Prescot becuase of its good transport links, there’s a regular bus service and it’s just 19 minutes on the train from Liverpool city centre.

"It’s a good place to watch football with the fans close to the touchline and the main stand really throws out noise.

“It’s the league AGM on Saturday when we hope to be approved for the league and with the ground aswell, it’s all coming together.”

AFC Liverpool is looking to sign a 10-year lease with the side who play their football in the Unibond Premiership. They could play their first game at the ground on August 9.

Why would a team with such huge potential and the prospect of big gates choose the ground with the worst facilities in the league?? It must be VERY cheap! And if you thought the pitch was crap before…

AFC Liverpool manager Derek Goulding has signed nine players in what’s sure to be the biggest piece of wheeling and dealing of the summer.
Goulding’s captures include two former Liverpool Reserves: goalkeeper Paul Willis and speedy winger Ryan Wignall.

Also joining the books ahead of AFC’s first ever fixture next week is the grandson of bootroom legend Ronnie Moran, former Wigan Athletic pro Ian Johnson.

Goulding said: “I am happy that we have signed such a large collection of quality players to the club. I expect to be adding to these signings later in the week. I am still working with lads from the initial trials and so I’m hoping to sign some of those before the week is out too.”

The rest of the signings are: Andy Barlow; Martin Crowder; James Dever; Dave Eaton; Terry McCormick; Paul Lamb.

That’s a blast from the past. In 1966 I joined Barclays Bank, and the first person I ever served when I became a cashier was Ronnie Moran. He was still a player then. That day, I was only a reserve cashier, and opened my till during a bit of a rush during the lunch hour. I only served 3 people, but still ended up £5 short when I came to balance my till. I had to phone Ronnie up to make sure I had given him the right money. Never did find that fiver. It was a lot of money those days, considering I was only on £7 per week.

and you went on to become witton treasurer.:ohmy:

only jokeing thatch.:wink:

I resemble that remark.