Prescott Predictions

Ok, I`ll start the ball rolling, 2-0 to us with Moseley & Maynard scoring, gate 350

4-0 to the albion (please)

cold water (pour)<br><br>I think Prescot will be tough. Carl Rendell is a good player and they have a good record at Wincham in the past few seasons! They need a win to try and get in the playoffs!<br><br>I’m sure Jim will not undersestimate them.

<br>Hughessi the Wittoners know all about Carl Rendell from his days at Witton so cut the scriptures and just give us your prediction or is this your way of sitting on the fence being an ex captain of Prescot Cables<br><br>My prediction is 3-1 to the Albion Crowd 280

Aren’t we playing Telford this weekend? I’ll go for 3-0 with Moseley Maynard and one of the midfielders getting the goals

Witton Albion 2-1 Prescot Cables

2-2 att 360<br><br>Having played for Prescot for 7 years. in almost 400 games when they had hit rock bottom. Played in the same kit for 4 years! lost the ground to a local rugby team. Subsequently played our games at elsemere port, st helens and knowsley utd for 2 years and just about kept the club going with players who went on to help get Vauxhall’s and Burscough promoted. I do admit to having a soft spot for them. It was great to see Prescot win promotion to the unibond. I think there are only two or three players left from my time there.<br><br>Good luck to both teams but we need the points more than them, The albion have got a league to win!

<br>A good honest opinion and resume<br><br>Cheers Hughessi

i say 3-1 to the albion but my lad says 8-8.

I called it right at Prescott, when other people were getting carried away with how Witton <br>were playing at the time. Its true that Prescott always make it hard for us.&lt;br&gt;Heres hoping for 4 - 0 ;D

Nobody forecast a boring 0-0!!!<br>WHS

Hi everybody.<br><br>Cables webmaster here. I couldn’t make it to the game yesterday so I thought I’d look at your site while I waited for the report to be emailed to me.<br><br>Only one comment - will you please stop putting two t’s in Prescot! We don’t write Wittonn Albionn!<br><br>Good luck for the rest of the season, and if you’re as upset as I am about an innocent boy being in prison for a crime that someone else has confessed to (Michael Shields in case you didn’t know) please visit;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Mark Syder (like the drink but spelt different)

It’s John Prescott’s fault.