Presidents Cup

i thought we had Emley cos’ Guiseley’s appeal was accepted. From<br><br>In another separate case Wakefield-Emley have been removed from the League Challenge Cup and placed in the President?s Cup for playing an ineligible player in their Challenge Cup win over Guiseley who are re-instated to the Challenge Cup.

From my understanding the appeal was accepted hence why we are played Wakefield in the losing teams presidents cup and Guiseley are in the main league cup competition. I think it is worded wrong on our homepage

compicated stuff, does anyone remember the days when if you got beat in a cup match that was it. It does seem to devalue the competion somewhat (wont argue if we win it though)

I’ll only care if we get to the final.

is it a path into european football. If barnton can do it why cant we

Apologies - another error by myself.<br><br>Yes you are right, Guiseley won the appeal hence were reinstated in the League Cup, hence Emley are knocked out into the Presidents Cup.<br><br>Couldn’;t agree more lutkie_92!