Can anyone tell me all the rules etc regarding qualifying for the play-offs, how it works and also is is the top team that go up or the top 2 teams etc?<br><br>cheers

This can not easily be explained as there can be several factors that can creep in. However to hopefully clarify some of the basic rules then here goes as I understand it.<br><br>Firstly, promotion to the Conference North is only available provided the club has applied by the cut-off date. Graham has already stated on the Forum that Witton have applied so no problem there then.<br><br>Secondly, the club has to have its ground vetted by the Conference ground grading committee.<br><br>Only the League Champions are promoted automatically. The teams finishing in positions 2nd to 5th then enter the play-offs played during the week ending May 6th 2006. The semis see 2nd hosting 5th whilst 3rd host 4th. The venue of the final is then played on the ground of the highest finishing club.<br><br>Hope this helps but as we know from the confusion caused by Spennymoor last season events can change. Anyway here’s wishing that the Albs do qualify although to be where they are at the moment already speaks volumes for the current management and players. <br>