As you know I have boycotted the club because they have let Vics use our ground but, the action taken by the club over the collapse of the company using the club has made me proud to be a Wittoner. Still a wonderful and generous club.

I think the club now does try to do the right thing and we should be proud, but we have to pay our bills which are not small at our great home and hence the groundshare but this Vics is not the one of old! The current club does not strut around and has met all its obligations and the group of volunteers that help out do so in a very committed and friendly way and our Wincham Park home is benefitting from the groundshare greatly. Times change WHS and it might be worth you coming down to see the change and give the club your support and a chance UTA

Vics volunteers are great bunch and hardworking people .Thanks to them the painting is done and the stadium looks wonderful . They are friendly with great sense of humour and nothing like the dinosaurs of yester years .Evolution is the name of the game so Mr WHS ,please make an appearance and then make a judgement .

I would go further than CJ and the Doc and say that many of the improvements that have taken place this year would not have happened without the contribution from the Vics team, so we all need to give credit where it is well and truly due.

What it also brings into sharp focus is that given the level of support and assistance required to maintain a team and stadium at this level, we don’t have the means to do this on our own any more. I personally doubt that if all the teams in mid Cheshire combined there would be team strong enough to manage a team at national conference level (given that in the 90’s we had 2 teams at that level).