Are the ‘Rent A Crowd’ going to be in attendance in their entirety on Saturday and, if so, will they be as vocal and noisily supportive of the team as at Telford. Or is this only in evidence at away games?<br><br>It is important that the ‘young ones(!)’ raise their game at home matches. WP is second only to the Northwich Library for quiet. <br><br>If you can be vocal for the last 10 minutes against Guiseley - you can be vocal from 3pm (not just from 4.35pm).<br><br>What do you think?<br><br>GE<br>

i agree with the above…it makes for such a better atmosphere both for supporters and players and shows the other teams that witton have the best fans in the league…we are all passsionate about witton so lets get behind the lads for the full 90 minutes home and away WE CAN DO IT!!!

We dont have 20 cans of carling on the way to home games though :o :o

It’s different at home as we are all spread out around the ground. Get us all in one place packed together and it’d be different.<br>Anyway, is it not a better idea to appreciate the fact that we do have a loyal and vocal away following rather than always bringing up the negatives??<br>We should be proud of the fact that we do always take fans to whatever far-flung location we end up visiting each season.<br><br>I don’t know what the answer is to the question of how to transfer some of the away atmosphere to Wincham Park. Maybe start lacing the bovril with Vodka??<br><br>in the short-term, here’s my suggestion for GE on Saturday;<br>"Graham give us a song, Graham Graham give us a song"!!! If Chad can get one going last week then i’m sure you can rustle one up for Saturday!!

Presumably today we’ll do "Singing in the Rain"<br>We’ll need the flood lights to see the subs.<br>Anyone for diving?