Questions that need to be truthfully answered!?!

please mr chairman give us the answers.

do u know exactly what happened in th tunnel at half time in the tunnel? if so have you directly spoke to Anton Lally or the players in how they seen what happened?<br><br>what was your decision to release danny byrne (after all he has been in the starting line up)?<br><br>is it true that after the harrigate game the budget was going down by a whole ?300 (after the team having possibly the best start in the last several years)?<br><br>what is the clubs goals and abitions for the season?<br><br>do you kow anything about football, or do you have any love about the game or is it all about making a wage packet for yourself?<br><br>all i ask you is to honestly answer these so US the fans know exactly what has and what is going to happen to this club we all love.<br>thank you.

GOOSE, If you want answers, please identify yourself then people know who they are talking to.<br>Or are you just an outsider trying to stir up trouble<br>If you have the guts please be a man and come clean<br>Or is that too much to ask of you<br>Only TRUE WITTONERS will identify themselves [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=nono.gif]

Whose decision was it to release Byrne.<br><br>Why was he released.<br><br>Is the wage budget being cut?<br><br>Reasonable questions of interest to all fans, if we are to help in ensuring no more are lost.

I heard from a good source that because danny is a good friend of Garys, given the events he asked for a transfer, the wage bill is a matter for the board and you must remember that mike worthington holds regular meet the fans nights and he does explain the position clearly to fans and shareholders including the chjanges in wage bill and reasons why- you should try attending and you would have more faith in him and the board, as fans we will never understand or agree with all what the board does but I believe this board does the best it can given the resources available and remember what we had when mike took over. so again dont spread rumour, support the club, get involved its the only way to really support the club

So byrne asked for a transfer as he is mates with GF. Lee & Jones no doubt will do the same as they used to play for him. In fact no doubt will every player he brought in, if we are to belive this. How very convenient. As is stated elsewhere on the board, if you know say so, don’t hide behind good sources. Hopefuuly byrne himself will tell us the fans the true account of his departure. I am sure the players read this board and he will have told them the true account. Why don’t you ask one of them and come back and tell us your good source was one of the players. It may be beyond you as the players i am sure know this to be an untruth. Don’t complain about rumourmongers when you yourself are equally as damagingwith your comments!

Instead of trying to analyse what has happened, if you are all true and loyal supporters?<br>you should be wishing Jim Vince and what ever team he puts out the best of luck for tonight and Saturday.<br>This guy must be under some pressure knowing that the fans have got the knives out with out giving him a chance and not even knowing him.

?Good luck to Gary and Lee, ?as people have said, they were doing just fine … until this all happend…did any one no that Conners was told at the game on saturday… either to go out on loan or leave…as was gary told to get rid of Danny. ?This was all before ?the Tunnel punch up…(if punchers were thrown)…so with all 3 players Conners, Bryne ,Lally…and Gary and Lee…gone ,lets hope thats the savings done and dusted…and we dont go mad and get rid of any more players…or better still they dont want to leave…Good luck 4 - 2nite lads it will be a tester 4 you…

If anyone wants any answers to any questions - please feel free to ask me tonight at the game. It’ll only cost you ?1 and the added incentive for that is you get a strip of raffle tickets.<br>So, don’t be shy, you’ll get an honest answer - only ?1. Bargain of the Day.<br><br>Hope to see you all at WP tonight.<br><br>GE<br>

sorry to disappoint but am still here… yes i was told to go an loan and i refused an asked to be released… i can also add that danny, yes being good mates with GF, did not ask for a transfer request… good to see him in the stands watching us tonight. all the best dan its been great an ill see you in garlands on sunday!