Browsing the local rags, which is an apt name this week, how rubbish can they actually get? The Chronicle leads with Vics v. Kettering this coming Saturday - fair dos, big game. But no separate headline for us beating a team higher? Imagine the 4 page pull-out if Vics did the same!!<br><br>And where did we play last night? Oh no, off we trot to Prescot on Saturday - anyone predict a low gate at our HOME game v. Bradford on Saturday following this cock-up?<br><br>At least the Guardian has managed to give us a 4 inch column and get the Bradford game correct. Pretty poor that photos from Worskop had to be used to illustrate the home game v. Ilkeston though.<br><br>You’d think, knowing that thousands of people read your work, a little bit of research wouldn’t go amiss and that facts like who we’re playing on Saturday would be checked. Apparently not.<br><br>Rant over.<br><br> [smiley=ranting.gif]<br><br>

[quote]Where did we play last night? ?Oh no, off we trot to Prescot on Saturday - anyone predict a low gate at our HOME game v. Bradford on Saturday following this cock-up?

Rant over.


[/quote]<br><br>What was the last home gate against Ilkeston - 225<br><br>225 with full press coverage and no other game in town.<br>Vics are at home on Saturday as well.<br><br>My prediction is…187<br><br><br>

my prediction is a 3:1 win to the albion and lets face it we`re going to have to win the fa cup for the gaurdian to put a back page headline about witton. just look at last season, the gaurdian sports editor spent the most of last season using headlines on vics loosing games. how sad is that? and how sad is he?

Sounds like we need a press liaison officer. Mentioned it months ago.<br><br>And before anyone asks, yes, I would volunteer, if I lived closer.

Press Officier. We’ve tried. They print what they want to print.

Been saying it for ages its no secret that the Guardians sports editor is a big Northwich fan as was Mike Talbot Butler but at least he was professional enough to give both teams fairly equal coverage as for JB at the Chronicle I’m surprised as he’s always been pretty fair the only problem I ever had with them was the fact that they went to press too soon and never covered Tuedays games until the following week but now I’ve been told the Guardians the same. A real shame is that the pink is not longer published either so its getting harder and harder to find anything in print these days about the Albion, maybe we should start printing our own? all we need is all the estate agents and car dealers in the area to fill up most of the other pages and we would be in competition!!!

Yes as Debbie stated, god we have tried!<br>although the website isnt as 100% up to date as we’d like with some stuff you’ll know exactly where we are playing for the next few weeks! ?<br><br>Shame the muppets at the local papers haven’t got or wont use the internet. I wonder (barring a specific email) they’ll even put the fact its a 1.30pm kick off at Harrogate.<br> [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif]<br><br>Finally its one thing to not inform the papers about some inside stuff ie signings but a basic bloody fixture that has not even changed since issue on the 9th of July is a joke. I’m sure club officials can be forgiven for expecting people who are in a full time job as editiors to get such a basic thing right. (I believe they did a similar thing for the scum the other week) absolute bag of.

Yeah but no disrespect its no good just faxing stuff over to them. You have to physically pick up the phone and speak to these people and if that fails you need to go and see them at their office and get your point across. <br><br>I found when i did it that if they made a mistake i would speak to them on a daily basis pointing it out and making sure they made it up to us the following week. The other lot used to constantly moan about the press coverage the local rags gave us as a result. We need to be more proactive with the press if we want decent coverage from them.

Well said Pritch. <br><br>Not that I want to criticise anyone - you all do a great job, but Pritch’s description sounds like the role of a press liaison officer to me.<br><br>Remember it’s not just the weekly paper, but their respective web sites, Unibond web site, NLP web site etc. etc.<br><br>I said it before, but Leek have a weekly newsletter on the Unibond site. Somebody earlier said, why don’t we do it ourselves… well… over to you.

I spoke with John Buckley earlier today and what happened re this week’s fixtures was that whomever did his final article compilation and compacted this particular paragraph missed a line out and it should have read Prescot Cables last night and then Bradford PA at home on Saturday. <br><br>I can assure one and all therefore that it wasn’t John’s fault. Hopefully we’ll get an apology in next week’s issue. <br><br>

>:( Yes, could see that coming a mile off.<br><br>On the same subject I know it’s hardly a priority at the moment but could the club please please do something about the abysmal number of programmes being produced this season. It’s a false economy if only a select few are able to buy one and a real PR "own goal".

Re: Programmes:<br><br>All last season we purchased 160. Gave 30-35 away to teams/refs/boardroom leaving 125/130 to sell. We regularly had 20/30 unsold.<br><br>This season we buy 100 give 13 to teams and 5 to boardroom.<br><br>We are trying not to waste money - we will continue to order 100 (more for the Telford visits) until crowds improve.<br><br>GE<br>

all im going to say is good luck to gary an lee, i only wish that they werent leaving and instead the chairman doing one.<br><br>the chairmans cut the budget from 1600 to 1300, those who cant subtract, thats a loss of 300, so yeah he took the easy way out an lost anton lally who had an ALLEGED INCIDENT, yes ALLEGED seeings thou no body actually seen what happened but thats when all you’se so called fans jump on the band wagon aka debbie… cant believe you can point the finger at anton when u no fck all about what happened, how do we kow the lad hasnt thrown a fist first, oh yeah we dont becuase no body seen it.<br><br>chairman do us all a favour a get on your bike with keegan your misses.<br>your just happy picking up the money an staying in the unibond for life, average gate of 250 brings in 1750 quid an your giving the management 1300 in wages, while they’ve brought in over 6000 quid in prize money from the fa cup, i think your actually scared of being a decent side an winning this league. as your desicion to rel;ease danny byrne just shows how much you know about football, 2 seasons ago he scored something like 32 goals in as many games for droylsden. theres a player. all i can say to you is your a know all, fck all. your just happy picking up a nice profit and the quicker the fans notice it the better.<br><br>as for debbie, well were do i start, slating anton isnt going to go down well with his team mates now is it so now u support a team that dislike you (all the best). then again i doubt many players will be stil there after the last 3 days of events. hope the new manager has 11 new players coming in with him because he’ll need them.<br><br>and last but no means the least the reserves, ha ha ha, not one of there players wud get in the starting line up, not one, the only decent player they have is the young scouse striker who might play when theres a few injuries. and as for jim vince well he’s a very good manger having played for him, so ggod luck to the guys, it’ll be hard for him but as someone has already mentioned he’s been at a club with a tight budget before, oh but they got relegated. all the best.<br>

Graham,<br>I know we’ve cut the order and I can understand the economics. What I don’t understand is a club whose public profile is lower than we’d like not even communicating with the people who turn up on matchdays. I think you’ll find that you have to be there pretty early on matchdays to buy a copy.<br><br>For these people the programme is a pretty fundamental means of communicating and getting them to part with more of their hard-earned cash and I hate to think for everyone who is told "sorry sold out" how much that costs the club over and above the immediate and obvious ?1-50.<br>Jimbo<br>(more gaps in my Albion programme collection this season than in any of the last thirty or so)