armchair fan are you. be careful you dont wet yourself. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Why have you suddenly decided to provide a half time score from what I assume is your team’s game? Then again, if you were actually a supporter you would be at the ground unless you were working or otherwise unavoidably detained.<br>If you are willing to provide half time scores from every NVFC game, then go ahead, but as at the moment you are picking and choosing, and following with pathetic ramblings, then I consider it reasonable to delete your posting.

Thought it was a good idea as you lot had your game postponed. After all many of you wittoners attend Vics ‘home’ games (w/o paying of course ) and are obviously interested in the No 1 team in the town aswell as being able to watch a superior level of football every other week. Anyway great result for the mighty greens, with over 100 travelling support there IS a new optimism in the club and make no mistake NVFC are on the verge of massive developments. You wittoners will have to accept that NVFC are going to dominate mid-cheshire for a very long time as we head towards league football. winsford,barnton,witton and middlewich will become regular rivals in local league football.