Re: Fair Play

If Mr Massey reffed them every week Buxton would probably be top and we’d be bottom of the fair play league :wink:

Nice to see us top of both leagues - it shows we can win, and win fairly!

Why all the antipathy for Mr Massey - I thought he had a good game at Fleetwood, and at Buxton as well. In fact, I’d say that the standard of refereeing in the Unibond has improved immensely this season.

As an ex-ref myself, I try to be fair to the men who do a difficult job, but last season there were quite a few games where I thought the ref was dreadful (though not the home games v Telford, which I thought were well controlled).

This season however, I’ve found that refs have been a lot better, not throwing cards around like confetti, playing some sensible advantages, and generally controlling the game without wanting to be the centre of attraction. They may get the odd decision wrong, but nobody’s perfect. Let’s be honest - it’s not a penalty every time one of our players goes down in the box (not that I’m saying we take dives).

So after years of calling refs rotten every week, let’s give them the credit they deserve when they do a good job.

Okay LS. Mr Massey didn’t have a bad game at Fleetwood 7/10 imo.

There was a team foul on Peersy where two players took him out of the game and for which a yellow was a pre-requisite.

His control of the farcical injury and hold up of 8 minutes was absolutely non existent. He twice told the Fleetwood bench to make a substitution for the keeper, and his authority shone through when they totally ignored his signals and asked everyone who was going through the illuminations that night to come and have a look at the keepers hand.

Buxton game 4/10 - If your opinion is that he had a good game then its a good job your not still officiating. The No.8 should have been sent off in the 1st half for assault and Mr Massey lost control of the game from that point on.

In addition I don’t think he got much past the centre circle in either game. Coupled with his performance at Marine last year I personally have seen enough of the man.

To balance the argument I would agree with your point that the refereeing has been CONSIDERABLY better this year and it is good that cards haven’t been brandished like confetti.

And the penalty he gave against liverpool when he was running the line at Portsmouth was a disgrace aswell :frowning: