Re: Supporters' bus to Stamford in the FA Trophy

well thought of stu yeah put me down for it

Stu - I have sent out for quotes a couple of hours ago. <br><br>As a suggestion I reckon 11a.m. from a central pick up point. I.e. Memorial Hall. Then we can get in Penny Black for 10am breakfast.<br><br>

Put me down too!

Add me onto that list, plus Greg and Adam who i have already spoken to.<br><br>10am depart for lunch in Stamford could be another possibility.

Where the hell is Stamford? My son Chris lives in Birmingham, anywhere near there? If so I think he will go direct.<br>WHS

Lincolnshire - 120miles from Northwich per multimap.<br><br>they beat Radcliffe in the last round.<br><br>I sense cup fever!

We will definitely be running a coach to the game departing at 10.30 on Saturday 25/11/06 from the Memorial Hall, Northwich and returning within 1 hour of the game finishing.<br><br>Estimate that the cost will be ?15.00 per person (Still waiting for exact price)<br><br>This coach is for the benefit of all and the more people who support it, the more money we can give to JV for the footballing budget. <br><br>Should be a good day/trip. Either post on here or book on 01606 43008.<br><br>Remember 15 years ago…

Young Chad, any chance of getting a wheelchair on the coach?<br><br>Apologies, that should read Chad jr.

Will check for you Derek but don’t see why not mate!

Coach definitely running leaving at 10.30a.m, from Memorial Hall.<br><br>Officially no smoking or consumption of alcohol on board - Its the law!<br><br>Need as many names as possible this evening.

There’s no alcohol in lager though is there??<br><br> :-/

No smoking or alcohol???<br> :‘( :’( :cry:

What’s the issue?<br><br> :smiley:

Update on the coach - its pretty much full now so if you do want to come can you contact Andy Chad or see Neil in the Shop on Saturday.<br>Its ?15 across the board - pay on the day.

Yep fantastic response chaps and chappeses. Were as good as full BUT we have also secured 20 places on the team bus leaving at 10.30 from the ground for anyone else wishing to travel. Contact Cyril on 43008. at the club ;D

looking like an excellent following - I know a few who are going in car as well so should be pushing 80-90 which aint bad for a 120mile trip!<br><br>The drum is going and the air horn, any other ideas?<br>Its worth ?3000 folks so its all worth it!

According to Stamfords forum they had drums,horns and bugles :o<br>at the game vs Halesowen<br>Can we match that?!!

I think that everyone going should purchase the yellow away top if possible. If we all turn up in the same colours as the team with flags, banners, horns, drums, yellow balloons etc it will surely lift our players?? Plus all the shirts sold can only help the club out financially too.<br><br>It’s a big day out, so let’s make the most of it!!

How is Kennedy? Anyone know?<br>WHS.

Not heard the latest on JK but, I noticed he was in the club last night after the game. He seemed to be moving quite freely but then looks can be deceiving.