Re: Unibond next season...?

Only two are coming down from Conference North due to the expansion of teams from 22 to 24.<br><br>So probably Hednesford then take your pic out of Redditch & Leigh RMI. If Redditch come down they’ll be shifted if not then Hednesford & Leigh RMI will just come down and play Unibond.

Just something to do with the number of teams not being even cos’ there is 5 divisions feeding the 3 divisions at this level of the pyramid. I’m not sure how it works that one team goes down who finishes 19th from whoever has the worst record out of the 3 19th placed teams at this level.

One club we won’t be facing in the Unibond Premier Division is Runcorn FC Halton who are now relegated after today’s home defeat by Blyth.