Re: youth team management is dissapointing

Why do you have to hide behind Kev Clarkes name.<br>You are a coward and a spiteful person<br>If you have the guts, and I for not one minute think you have, come out and face Kevin and tell him what and why you are saying such rubbish<br>Can the administrator of this site please remove such postings

From what i’ve seen over the past 2 years there is a strong element of truth in the writers comments re the poor management of the youth team. I know that many young players as good if not better than those in the squad have left due to poor management of this team. If you need me to explain facts in full detail, just ask. Will this email now be removed as well just because you dont like the truth? <br>PS: Have you seen how many players discarded by KC are playing at a higher standard? Need I say more.