Redfearn Goes - Must Of Been Our Singing On Sat Night In Bee

From Guardian

Redfearn reign ends
By James Wilson

NEIL Redfearn’s reign as Vics manager has come to an end.

He has left the job after just 13 weeks at the helm.

Vics’ latest defeat, at home to Histon on Saturday, left them rock bottom of the Blue Square Premier with just one point from nine games.

According to their forum, looks like Paul Warhurst (ex Bolton, Blackburn defender) will take charge for their next game.

Not entirely convinced he will do much better, afterall what managerial experience does he have??), but then again…what do I care!

Apparently Warhurst was responsible for the penalty they conceded on Sat and also scored an own goal. Is this a genius move by him to oust the manager and take the reigns himself?! :o

Agent Redfearn we salute you, 13 weeks and you’ve only just been found out, great job!!
You are quite welcome to be our guest at our next home game!

Shame an extremly nice man had a conversation with him down at Moss Farm one night when Vics were training.I personally thought he was doing an excellent job!! It going to be hard for them to attract a decent manager because who would want to work with the current person controlling the purse strings!!

Never met the man but got to agree with Mona that he really was a top bloke, leaving the arabs bottom of the table with one point from 9, I think Connett has swung the axe to soon should have left it until half way through next season! Anyway Neil goodbye and well done!

Very worrying all this now. Several high profile vics fans are suggesting on their forum that Mr Connett goes for one James Vince as their new manager!! It’s pointless any football manager going there as there is only one MANAGER and he does’nt wear a tracksuit or know much about football but is very good at spinning yarns about building Marina’s before Christmas when its August already!! So surely not we hope!!

Strange that Mona, could have swore it was September :wink:

Anyone would be mad to work for the man, only puppets or lap dogs need apply.

Little Chad (as opposed to Big Chad. Remember mate I’ve watched you grow up!!). It was August when Connett went to press about building the Marina and artificial pitches saying they’d be complete before Christmas. Probably Christmas 2020!! Thats what I meant mate. The point is it just illustrates certain things about the man which you’ve summed up very nicely yourself. As I’ve said before on this forum I feel for those genuine Vics football fans many of whom are friends but they ain’t having our manager who would have more sense than to go there anyway I would hope!! Its an interesting post elsewhere on the forum about whether he got the £50k grant or not!! If he did it just shows the ineptitude of our local council. I hope he didn’t get a bean after all it is our money and it should be spent more wisely!!