Remaining Fixtures

These are the remaining fixtures (home games capitalised).<br><br>BLYTH<br>Ashton<br>Ilkeston<br>Marine<br>FARSLEY<br>Gateshead<br>North Ferriby<br>RADCLIFFE<br>MATLOCK<br><br>Looks like a tough run in. Anyone want to take a stab at how many points we’ll get? I’ll go for 19 from a possible 27.

27 - [smiley=cheezy.gif]<br><br>GE<br>

Just wanted to extend what LT said by putting in the dates for these games also and ko times as per the Unibond website<br><br>BLYTH - Sat 1st April ko 3 pm<br>Ashton - Sat 8th April ko 3pm<br>Ilkeston - Tues 11th April ko 3 pm! (i hope thats an error)<br>Marine - Fri 14th April ko 3pm<br>FARSLEY - Mon 17th April ko 3pm<br>Gateshead - Wed 19th April ko 7.45pm<br>North Ferriby - Sat 22nd April ko 3 pm<br>RADCLIFFE - Tues 25th April ko 7.45<br>MATLOCK - Sat 29th April ko 3 pm<br><br><br>

[smiley=cheezy.gif] Ilkeston have it as a 7.45 p.m. kick-off on their own website. <br><br>[quote]
Ilkeston - Tues 11th April ko 3 pm! (i hope thats an error)

Gateshead away on the Wednesday,then North Ferriby away on the Saturday!!! >:( >:(

Blyth’s remaining fixtures<br><br>Tuesday, 4th April <br>UPL H North Ferriby United <br><br>Saturday, 8th April <br>UPL 15:00 H Ilkeston Town <br><br>Tuesday, 11th April <br>UPL 19:45 A Ossett Town <br><br>Friday, 14th April <br>UPL 15:00 A Gateshead <br><br>Saturday, 15th April <br>UPL 19:45 H Radcliffe Borough <br><br>Monday, 17th April <br>UPL 15:00 H Bradford Park Avenue <br><br>Wednesday, 19th April <br>ULCC 19:45 F H Ossett Town <br><br>Saturday, 22nd April <br>UPL 15:00 A Runcorn FC Halton <br><br>Tuesday, 25th April <br>UPL 19:45 A Matlock Town <br><br>Thursday, 27th April <br>UPL 19:45 H Guiseley <br><br>Saturday, 29th April <br>UPL 15:00 H Wakefield-Emley <br><br>Lets see what Unibond do?

Revised fixtures:<br><br><br>Friday 14 April: Marine v Witton Albion<br>Saturday 15 April: Gateshead v Witton Albion<br>Monday 17 April: Witton Albion v Farsley Celtic<br>Wednesday 19 April: Witton Albion v Blyth Spartans<br>Saturday 22 April: North Ferriby v Witton Albion<br><br>Mmmmmm.<br><br>GE<br>

Got to say this must be good for us - would rather play them after they’ve had that little lot!

What a crock of crap…glad to see the unibond value us all so much!

Quite agree Pritch, Unibond always start later than other leagues, I think its because in August the nights are light the weather warm, the pitches could be dry.<br>People dont want to be out in that sort of conditions,<br>Just think tea sales would plummet, causing all sorts of financial difficulties.<br>Ah but gates would tumble because people are on holiday ?, and dont forget the season would be longer and that means more wages for the players, god forbid<br>players loosing out financially, the roads would be littered with crying journeymen kissing their latest club shirt.<br><br>Alas everything in the garden is not rosy. the run ins are absolutely crazy and a lottery.<br>Unibond must act, by starting earlier ?, getting rid of the Chairmans and tea hut cups, or reducing the league to 18 teams . Ok three less home games on a freezing cold night, financial disaster ? not if it encourages more people attending other home games, lets be honest if most clubs tried to keep going on gate receipts alone<br>the players would have to pay subs every week for the pleasure to play.<br><br>Thats my rant over. yes the Unibond should have a re-think this scenario happens far to often.<br><br>PS Pritch this could have been avoided next year if you and the team had got a few more points !<br> ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

So Duncan Bayley and his merry band of men have cocked up again, those fixtures are ridiculous.

Why not remove the stupid league cup in its current format. Too many games, poor crowds, no profit. Get it back to a one off knockout game. That would surely ease fixture congestion. 3 games in 4 days is a farce. Extend the season by a week would not harm Englands chances at the world cup would it? To be honest the way i feel about it at the moment i hope we have some more games called off because in a strange way its funny watching the league bang its head against a brick wall. <br><br>Got to go now and check out some human rights legislation!

this wouldnt be aloud in the top division so why are we allowing it in ours.

ME = yeah your right if we had more points it would not seem so daunting. Anyway when you get a chance read Article 4 of the aforementioned legislation and tell me how it does not apply?