?Can any one tell me if there,s a game tonite 2/11/05 .and were ?thanks… [smiley=cheezy.gif]

not 100%, but i think witton? play a cheshire fa team. <br>as i said tho not 100% on it.

Cheers…IF THERE IS WHAT .kick off time [smiley=dunno.gif]

it is on the back page of the chronicle. dont say a ko time , so at a guess, 7.30??.

couldnt make it last night due to the fact we only have one car at the moment !!! how was the game i believe it was marred by Adams injury (hope he recovers well) what was the score, how did we play etc…

We won 2-0…game was dampend coz of Adam,s injury, but i thought on a hole we played ok.Deserved the win,not a lot of efforts either end,…