Reserve team manager

heard a rumour the reserve team manager Tony Ennion has resigned, apparently something to do with the first team manager, but don’t take that as gospel.<br>Ask yourself a question why would he resign when he was so committed and the team is doing well, is it because he has been told that NONE of the reserves are good enough for the first team.]<br>I think some one needs to sit down and decide if it worth having a reserve side, if we don’t look after these players we are going to lose them and possibly have no reserves at all.<br>There is no natural progression at the club from the youth to the first team, if we want to go further in the leagues we have to have a structure in place first.<br>

Tony has definitely resigned, a clash of personalities I think, dont take as gospel all the words you here from people involved, but wait and see how the mgt react to this, I have a feeling that what the mgr is saying is that currently there is no one in the reserves ready to break through into the 1st team, but that they are quite a young side and some could make it in time, so thinking about it, get the reserves promoted and play at a higher level eg same as barnton and middlewich ? then with some more experience at that level some of the lads could come through, I must say having watched them both play plenty of times I just about agree with the gary finley, however I would argue that the best of the reserves would be good enough for being on the bench and I would argue further that kyle dyson is a bettter option than simon burton on the left wing, lets hope they get a new res mgr quickly and that the 1 st team mgr is prepared to work with him to develop the link and standard required.

Can only speak from one game but some of the reserves seemed decent. With playing teams like Barnton & Middlewich they would gain some good experience like Foy did. Dyson did well when he came on for a bit & think he should have been given his chance on saturday in the League Cup.

As evil as this may make me:<br><br>the question isn’t whether the reserves are as good as the first team, but whether they are BETTER than those players in the first team. After all, we as Witton fans are not very forgiving so it’s no good having reserves in the first team for the sake of keeping them happy if it’s to the detriment of the first team progress, which at the end of the day, keeps the club running financially - let’s face it - the reserves don’t bring any money into the club, but are an expense.<br><br>I also don’t believe that it’s just to do with reserves going into the first team, but possibly that it’s not happening the other way round…

Debbie,<br><br>I think you make a valid point, In the past few years not many first team squad members have turned out for the Reserves. The benefits of playing for the Reservers is that it brings them on if they are playing with better players and the player in question might need a game to improve match fitness. <br><br>This year a few players from the first team have turned out but not enough in my opinion. The bottom line is that there has got to be development of young players at Witton because if we have one or two players (easier said than done I know) breaking through a year it may save the club a transfer fee or heaven forbid generate some much needed revenue by a sale to a conference or a league club.<br><br>If a player refuses to play for the reserves when asked to do so is that kind of player wanted at Witton Albion?<br><br>I have alot of sympathy for Tony Ennion because he was genuinely trying to develop the players to make the step. If the step was to NWC level then it may have been achievable for many players but to Unibond Premier level the step is too big. Hopefully in the future players will make the step especially if the Reserves are playing at a higher level. Previously I know Reserves players have had to leave Witton to better themselves. This is not ideal. I know Tony has sent some of the players out on loan and maybe an agreement with a NWCL team may be beneficial to develop our young players.<br><br>All this is a medium to longterm view and as you know in football especially at first team level its all about results so the above comments probably conflict with the two Gary’s and the first team goals. <br><br><br>The joys of running a football club :)<br><br>Simon<br>