Glory Glory reserves go to top of league with a three two win over Padgate Three nil up with ten minuites left then we concede a good goal, then i may be biased but a foul on the keeper which was fit for the game played with the oval ball went unpunished and its three two.<br>The pitch by this stage was cutting up everwhere and we where wanting the whistle. The ref blew up after about 94 mins and Witton are top of the league.<br>Apologies to the goal scorers but i am not sure who got them so at the risk of getting wrong again i will leave that for somenone else.<br>The high light of the day was Maccas new shiny boots all the way from America and his face was a picture when he had to get them dirty for the last ten minuites,<br>A true reflection would have been 8-1 but we missed some glorious chances, those responsible where suitabley ridiculed after the game !!!<br>Seriously though a great result and it was a pleasure to watch for 80 mins although i could do with out the last ten.<br>Well done Steve and the boys pressure right back on Middlewich.<br>

Well done to Steve and the lads [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]<br>Could someone please give more details as to the team that played and the goal scorers so that Phil Chadwick can get it sent off to the local papers.<br>He needs them by tomorrow if someone can oblige<br>Again I am really happy for all the hard work the lads have done and they really deserve to on top of the league [smiley=banane.gif]

team<br><br>brett walker<br>matt murray<br>simon hughes<br>gary furinval (chris jump 75min)<br>mike cartner<br>stuart tulloch (Danny Macc)<br>Danny Jarret<br>Jonesy<br>Rick Bailey<br>Andy Hurst<br>Leon Williams<br>Wil smith<br><br>Just goes to proves that a so called footballing side can battle it out and win on a heavy pitch<br>Very proud of 14 great performances. lets focus on the 80 mins and not the last 10 when we switched off.<br><br>Can’t let it go without mentioning the miss of the century . It was Witton player and I will not mention his name to save any further embarressment.<br>goalscorers<br>r.bailey<br>leon<br>hursty.<br><br>3pts reqd next week to make it interesting

Simon, was the last player Will Hurley or Gavin Smith

Or was it the Fresh Prince himself?<br><br>Well Done the Reserves.

must have been the post match euphoria!<br>it was of course Wil Hurley as Wil smith was on later on itv3 ;D

Congrats to the reserves on their achievement, lets hope they can stay there.<br><br>Mark