reserves report

Just a quick note…reserves won 3-1 a good display could have been six or seven still three more pts in the bag well done lads.<br>Do not usually critisise refereees but this one was not the best !!! his hair was the best thing about him .

When i told my daughter the ref had an Alice band her reply is unprintable!’ by christ he certainly gives his pea<br>(in whistle) some stick !

got to worry when Jumpies dad won the rafle and took the bottle of red wine home, only glad i didnt pick the winning ticket out, thanks to all who turned up, i can not be there on tuesday (workin) so good luck to the lads , keep the performances going…

Jimmy,<br><br>ill replace the red ive drunk already with a white for tuesdays game ? ressies played well today against a physical and mouthy team, ref was attrocious if he had spun a coin hed have got more decisions right.<br><br>if you fans are not doing anything tues get down and suppoprt the ressies its a tough game and they need and deserve supporting

We’ll open the Tea Hut too!<br><br>GE<br>

Tea hut open, bottle of white wine and a good game of football where else could you wish to be on a Tuesday Night.<br>Come along and watch hopefully you will be impressed by the reserves, it is a big game for them if we can win the pressure is right on Middlewich to keep winning.<br>There are a few players who will be knocking on Jims door soon , i am sure they will be lookin for a big performance to put them in Jims thoughts over the coming weeks.<br>LETS PUT THE BIGGEST CROWD OF THE SEASON ON FOR A MID CHESHIRE GAME.