Reserves v Pilkington!!

Reserves won 2 -0 with goals from Leon Williams and Andy Hurst

well done boys keep up the pressure on the league leaders the club is lookin stronger and stronger as the weeks go on. Bet Mr Chairman is pinching himself at the moment, All teams are representing witton with pride…

well done lads for another fine victory. Ayone know if young Matty knowles had a run in goal? If so how did he do?<br>The reserves Kieron Clarke provided good cover for the Youth in Matty’s absence.

Matty was not used in the actual game, he warmed Brett up before the game .

All the results apart from the middlewich one went witton’s way. There is now a gap developing between the top two and the rest. The next two games are very important. Crossfields are up next and are the best side we have faced this year. Then next up are Trafford Res on 2nd jan. They are the form side in the league at the moment. <br><br>Well done to the squad for getting us to this position exactly half way through the season.<br><br>

Nice to see a person like yozzer with so many committments away from football taking the time to show unquestioned loyalty, time and dedication towards this football club. Its nice to see he has taken his new reponsibilities as seriously as he takes everything else. A PRICELESS commodity to any football club

Steady Hughessey you will be getting more popular than Pritch thinks he is <br> ;D ;D