Robert Lloyd

Whats the chances of Mr Dario O Gradi letting Rob stop on loan for rest of season like Adam Warlow i think between the 3 ( Rob, Conners and Alex) we have the best 3 centre midfielders in the league un doughtubelly? <br>Any one in the know know whats guna happen?<br>Me personally think Rob is a great centre midfielder with a perfect precission passing and some silky skills.<br> [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif]

We can dream can’t we, doubt we can afford the wages. <br>WHS

What does doughtubelly mean??<br><br>Would be great to keep Rob for the season, but with Mark Jones and Liam McGuire to come back i think we are covered in centre mid. Rob Lloyd is different class at this level, but we’ve got Connors and Brown, and as 3 into 2 doesn’t go, keeping Lloyd might just be an extra wage that we just can’t afford.

Well that is good news, however, if we take him as a player, which is what we have to do after 3 months of loan, then we have to pay his wages.<br>WHS.

When we have a player on LOAN we have to make up the difference in what he gets from Crewe while on loan to match his full wage

Thanks Len, that clears that up.<br>WHS.

Heard the great news on Thursday night, Rob Lloyd is no longer a loan player.

He’s ours and that’s official!!!

:slight_smile: thats a great signing

Potentially on a par with Alan McNeil and Paul Lodge, but with a lot less miles on the clock.

That has really cheered me up after the rumour I heard about him on Tuesday night. If we are going to move forward on the playing side then Rob would look good even in the full conference provided we also have a midfield ball winner alongside him and we continue to play Alex Brown in a free running role. Its great news though and has given me a lift because I know there were other people after him. Well done to Jim for spotting this and sorting it and well done to Rob for sticking with us and I think perhaps thinking about going to University? Brilliant news ! Young Chad is right he is like a Lodgey and Mcneil.

From what Rob was saying in the bar on tues night, now he’s left Crewe he’s going back to Uni - which makes perfect sense. Obviously this means he wont be able to play full time, so as long as he’s happy with us i guess he sees no reason to leave. Just keep your fingers crossed a decent semi-pro team doesn’t come in for him!!!
I tend to liken our mid-field to a backwards version of Liverpool’s, with Connors doing a great job on the left similar to when Liverpool use Steve Gerrard on the right inorder to accomodate their best 3 midfield players. Again makes perfect sense. I know Connors would prefer to play in the middle, but the performances he has been putting in on the left show that it is well worth him staying out there.